28th April 2021


Grassroots sport offers so much more than just the sport being played. There are tremendous mental and physical health benefits and opportunities to meet new people, share talents, learn new skills and, in turn, strengthen community bonds.  There is no friendlier and busier place in the local community than a football club, where it’s often the hub of activity. Whether it’s football training sessions, match days, or special events, the football club is a place for its players, their friends and their family to come together. We’ve come up with a few ways that grassroots football benefits everyone, not only for the football clubs themselves, but for the wider surrounding community.

Inevitably, by encouraging people to get involved in grassroots football, a healthier lifestyle is promoted through exercising and getting outdoors. Not only is the health of the football players maintained, but the health of those supporting the grassroots football too. For example, adults who are volunteering to train the football teams, as well as run the behind-the-scenes of the club, are encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle too.

Obviously, having grassroots football in the community will encourage new players to improve their football skills and to have fun. This will help to develop the local talent and confidence of players, regardless of where each individual player is from. As a result, grassroots football helps to promote diversity and it reduces the likelihood of discrimination, sexism and racism. Beyond technical football skills, grassroots football can teach players - young and old - about the importance of friendship, camaraderie and teamwork. Not only do younger players develop skills, but adults leading the grassroots football are developing their coaching, fundraising and researching skills too, as they ensure that grassroots football is kept alive.

Keeping grassroots football alive means that you’ll need funding from the local community, whether they have connections to the players in the football club or not. Getting everyone involved, beyond football, isn’t always easy. However, hosting events at the football club can be an excellent way to encourage participation and donations from the wider community. You can do this in the form of fairs, concerts and comedy nights!

If you haven’t already realised how important grassroots football is to your local community, you hopefully have now. Whether you are lucky enough to have a football club in your town or not, you now have a whole host of reasons why you need to start, or protect, grassroots football in your community.