13th May 2021

written by Jessica Blissett

founder of Sporting Her

It is an undeniable fact that without commercial partnerships, sports teams would not be what they are today. Commercial partnerships are a necessity in the sporting world with sports clubs and events relying on sponsorships to ensure financial stability to operate. Mutually beneficial, the exposure generated by large scale sporting events see sponsors directly benefiting by means of association, further benefiting indirectly via the media exposure generated.

Sponsorship is used to drive sales and create brand awareness. To be an official sponsor of an event, sponsors will receive the exclusive rights as agreed in the commercial arrangement; However, sponsors are expected to pay a fee to the event organiser for this exclusivity. The rights may include the right to use official logos or trademarks associated with the event, and the opportunity to gain brand awareness from the exposure generated. There's a lot of reasons for businesses to invest in sports.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

All sponsors are different and so look for different things from their sponsorships. However, overall, most sponsors are looking for sports properties that can make a valuable and quantifiable contribution to their brand. To do so, the sponsorship must have a good fit with the brand’s image and values. Here we will look at some of the main benefits of sport sponsorship:


Brand/Corporate Awareness

If your business is going to invest in a sports club, in return for investment, clubs will bend over backwards to promote your business to players, players parents, coaches, spectators, and their network. Sponsorship provides brands/businesses with the opportunity to reach a wide demographic, especially sponsoring elite clubs. Whether sponsoring local grassroots or elite clubs, it provides an exciting opportunity for brand exposure through articles in newspapers and online media, featuring on television, or shout outs on social media. Having the logo featuring on a wide range of media also creates brand familiarity for consumers, making the logo stand out from competitors.


Brand/Corporate Image

Sponsorship can have a positive impact on your brands image. Cultivating positive and favourable brand associations (traits consumers attribute to a brand) and enhancing credibility is a benefit of sponsorship. If you decide to sponsor a local sports club, it suggests that the business has community values which works as a unique selling point when potential customers come across products / services. In saturated markets, it’s easy for businesses to get lost in the noise. Not only will sponsorship help you stand out from the competition, but as your company becomes more widely recognised, sponsorship deals should begin to correlate directly with your sales fluctuations. Like all forms of marketing, the ultimate aim of sponsorship is to generate more money for a business and improve the brands image.


Customer Relations

Sports sponsorship can open dialogue between companies, showing the sponsor as a global player worthy of recognition and suitable to do business with. On the other hand, customers form positive opinions when your business is tied to high-profile events or sport clubs. Customers will assume your business is reliable and reputable if you can sponsor other organisations, for example: Vitality have been the named sponsor for the women's FA Cup and various elite sport clubs, through this they have built their brands image and been a key player in the growth of women's football. Sport sponsorship also offers sponsors the opportunity to form emotional connections, allowing for your business to connect with customers directly.


Employee Relations

Sports sponsorship can encourage company pride and loyalty to help attract and retain staff. Most sponsorship opportunities offer perks for businesses, with larger clubs offering tickets to events which can be offered to employees. It brings a unique opportunity to bring together employees, creating a mutual interest which can work to bring a team together and form relationships within the workplace. By attending events, it also allows sponsor companies the opportunity to build an emotional connection and develop a deeper understanding of their customers.


Community Relations

Strengthening your business image is one of the most valuable benefits of sports sponsorship. Customers / clients love brands that care about spreading positive messages and supporting local communities. It suggests that businesses have priorities other than just generating sales and making a profit, they want to use their platform for good. Sponsorship can show that a company cares about its community and is prepared to invest in its future and the welfare of the people. In return, it creates lasting support and media attention which benefits sponsors long-term. Community involvement also sets you apart from larger brands. People have more incentive to support your business if you’re invested in the local community. It's important to find out what matters to customers, and pick causes that align with their values to boost loyalty, whilst also ensuring the opportunity relates to your brands values.

What are you waiting for?

Set up a meeting with the team your business wants to sponsor and have a discussion. If your brand / business are interested in sponsoring a sport club / event and not too sure where to start, get in touch with Sporting Her via email and let's chat about options. We can see whether your requirements match any of our clubs, and if not, we will help you find the perfect club to sponsor. No commitment, no assumption, just a chat about options and advice.

Remember this is a two-way street. The sports team needs cash to continue their fantastic job of creating healthy and focused local young people with a dedication for that sport, and you need promotion to keep selling your product or service.

It’s a business relationship that really is the perfect match!