08th May 2021

How long have you been at Baguley Athletic?
I established the club in 2005 before folding in 2007.  I reformed the club in 2014

Have you always been the chairman?
No. When I established the club I was manager of the only side we had - the under fourteens.  we didn't really need a chairman back then.  When I reformed the club, I took charge as manager again, but due to work commitments I stood down as manager and took the role of chairman in order to grow and develop Baguley Athletic

What's been your greatest accomplishment as manager and chairman?
As manager I would have to say leading the team to two league championships in a row. I am still the most successful manager we've ever had.  As chairman, I would have to say my greatest accomplishment would be how I have developed the club from one team to five teams in such a short space of time.

What do you want for the future of Baguley Athletic?
The obvious answer is that I want to be competing with our neighbours at Wythenshawe Town and Wythenshawe Amateurs.  I can appreciate the time and effort it has taken them to get to that point, but I know it is something our club can aspire to.  As long as we enjoy whatever journey we end up on, I'll be happy.

What does Baguley Athletic mean to you?
Baguley Athletic has been my life for the last eight years.  Outside of my family and work commitments, you can guarantee I'm thinking or talking about Baguley Athletic. I drive my partner crazy. she's now just taken to rolling her eyes at me at the sheer mention of Baguley Athletic.