18th May 2021

How long have you been at Baguley Athletic?
I was part of the original team that moved over from Woodhouse Park United when I was fourteen.  Since then I've had a few different roles from player to manager to committee member.

How has the pandemic affected your season both for you personally and at team level?
The pandemic has certainly stopped us from gelling as a team but it has helped me to recruit hungry players who have missed football. In my opinion, the break in the season has been good for us, especially in terms of results. 

You haven't had the best of seasons. Can you pinpoint any particular reason for this?
With coming into a team so late in pre season, I didn't have enough time to recruit my own players, we did go back to back with wins in my first two games, but that can happen with new formations and players wanting to impress, once we have a full pre season under our belts, with fitness and some high intensity training sessions, and a few new faces, I don't see why next season we can't be a force.

Rumours are that you'll be moving to the East Cheshire Sunday League next season.  If this is true, what was the thought process behind the move?
The rumours are TRUE, we will be moving into the ECSFL from September. It's a fresh start for the lads. The reason behind the move is solely down to a fairer league structure. I feel we have a better chance at competing in this league.

What are your plans for next season?
What are my plans for next season? My plans are to challenge for promotion with a core group hungry to win and have the same level of passion as me when it comes to Baguley Athletic, I want us to be fearless in competition and hopefully lift a title at the end of the 21/22 season.

In a recent interview with the Chairman, we heard about his plans for the future.  Where do you envisage the clubs future to be?
I match the vision that our Chairman has for this club, why would we not want us to be a success? I want Baguley to one day be the go to team in Wythenshawe. I want us to have the best youth set up, the best teams, the team where people want to be as a first choice, and not just a team that people use because they cant get into others.

Finally, do you have any plans to recruit during what is likely to be a short pre season?
I do have plans to recruit, I am already on the look out for my own players that I feel will be ready to commit before we even start pre season. I know where we are lacking on the pitch, and I feel the players I know I can recruit, that we can definitely match my targets for next season in our new league.